A sculpture in Herning by Ingvar Cronhammar

Elia on the heath

It is both awe-inspiring and thought-provoking to stand here.  What is the idea of all this grandiosity?  Thus asked Mr Ivar Hansen, Speaker of the Danish Parliament, in a speech at the September 2001 inauguration of the colossal sculpture, Elia.  He speculated that Elia might be a comment on the present or that, perhaps, it looks unfathomably into our future.  Ivar Hansen gave the answer himself:  Elia is exactly what we make of it.  Art reaches out to the diversity of the individual.   

Elia now stands with all its imposing might on what was previously a grain field in Birk, towering up, both in physical terms and by virtue of its artistic format.  Since the turning of the first sod in May 2000, we had been able to view Elia on this page by clicking onto a web camera.  This allowed us to follow the creation of the sculpture in sun and in rain, in calm and in storm.  The sculpture is now a reality.  It has already had many visitors to admire it and to explore its features.  Its job done, our camera has been sent on other duties.  To look at Elia now requires a visit to Herning.

The artist Ingvar Cronhammar is the man behind Elia.  These pages will help you to gain an insight into who he is, and what Elia is.

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